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The trip over the mountain range in the middle of Hadseløya yesterday at the intersection of the wild and rugged mountain scenery to the north and the rounder, more fertile landscape of the southern part of the island. From Stokmarknes followed forest road to Bergvik Lake. West of this, and on the north side of Kvanntoa. Further up in the cut between Vardheia and Nils Swedish tines.

From vessel followed back to the top of Nils Swedish Draw. Egga followed westward over Motinden (625 m) to Sæterfjellet. Down to Mannshausen, and further east down the hillside to the interior lake. Up Gotadalen to plateau Melbu Moan. Urvatnet passed on the south side, and then carrying it through Burn Vins Haugen Ørnheia.

Back to Stokmarknes over Heibruna, Loft edge and Trolldalsaksla. The tour may be interrupted halfway by following Ånnstaddalen down to Ånnstad.


Nils Swedish Draw Named for a Nils Swede, whose last name is unknown. This Nils came to Hadsel turn of the century. He traveled around the island on different kinds of masonry work, and often went over the mountains to and from, in particular route of summit which got his name. Nils drank some, and people from the village were worried that it was going to happen to him something on these mountain tours. Ei lady pointed this out once and Nils replied only: "Interest will nogon have bekymmer before my burial!" Four days before Christmas he would again over the mountains to Melbu, now to buy Christmas dram. On this trip, he was gone. It was searched for him in the mountains, but he was not found.


Type: Hiking, hike

Length: About. 17.6 km

Duration: 1 day +

  • Bereg running time for an adult male, in good shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here

grading: demanding+

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fits: Adult


Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hinnøya



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