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Småtindan in Steigen is a peak of 873 m. The trip is largely on the way and can be completed by most. The entire trip is on 11.4 kilometers t / r. Do you want to just go to the tower is the tour about 10km t / r. Most tour ends at the tower and three-pronged. The trip can be completed in the summer and the winter. In winter, you can either ski or on legs. It runs regularly with snowmobile belt ATV and least weasel to top that leaves tracks you can follow. In summer it is also possible to ride a bike.

The tour starts at the neck, a ski resort in Leinesfjord. You can either start from the large parking lot at tidtakerbua or up at the barrier. In winter, you have to start from the large parking lot.

Follow the road until you get to the mast. On the trip you will pass Litl Bjorndal lake. You also come to a crossroads where you can go off the road and take a shortcut. This road is shorter and steeper. Up at the mast can either tell you happy and enjoy the view, or you can continue towards Småtindan. The trip so far has been very easy and suitable for everyone. In winter it is normal to stop at the Tower since it is difficult to move on.

Shortly after you have passed the tower, go to the left and head for the highest point further along. This trip can be for some perceived as demanding and are not really suitable for children. You can either go back to the top or go scree to the left top. Do you go back you have to count on a little scrambling. This road is not suitable for the elderly and for children. Scree are very loose, so here you have to be careful if you are more that go together.

Up on the top you can enjoy the views of the Vestfjord, Scotland Fjord and Leinesfjorden.


Type: Hiking, mountaineering, hiking

Length: About. 11.7 km

Duration: 4 hours +

  • Bereg running time for an adult male, in good shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here

grading: Medium +

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North Salten



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From Leinesfjord follow FV835 against E6. About. 2,6km from the exit toward Nordskot you come to a sign towards Ferdigplen and Skihytta. Then follow the road all the way in, but no further than the boom.


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Mountaineering to Småtindan of Petter Michael Hovland. Available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license .