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Between all the peaks in the scheduled boat area is a road that is relatively straightforward to go for the smooth walking. 

From Aust Pollen Sløverfjord carries it upward Aust Poll valley, on the west side of the river. If the upper Austrian Poll lake (275 m) have high water, you may want to go a little way up the hillside west of the lake. Moreover, until Isvatnet and Trollfjord Heia, with stunning views Trollfjorden and Raftsundet. Trollfjord lodge is located at the east end of Isvatnet, approximately 400 meters above sea level. 

From the hut, the trip east to the penstock against the Troll Fjord. Penstock can be followed steeply down to the bay, but it might just as well continue a few hundred meters further east, and go down into flatter terrain. Route is encircled by 1,000 meters high peaks. In north Trollfjordtindan and south Trolltindan.


Trollfjord is 2.5 kilometers long, and the inlet is 200 meters wide. A little further into the fjord shore only 100 meters. So widens fjord out and forms an internal pool with a maximum width of 350 meters. Maximum depth in this pool is approximately 60 meters. There bay is at its narrowest, is a breaking consisting of the lower stone, where the depth is only 30 meters. On the north side of the fjord rises a precipitous, smooth polished walls of the granite-like rock monzonite, the oldest rock in Norway. 

They would Trolltindan south reaching up to 1,045 meters above sea level. Several lakes in the area was regulated in the '50s, and the two power plants on the fjord still delivers power to the regional coordination network.


Type: Hiking

Length: About. 6.6 km

Duration: 1 day +

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grading: demanding+

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fits: Adult


Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hinnøya



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You must have a boat, kayak or canoe to both ends of this trip.


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