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Sørskottinden in Steigen is a peak of 608 meters. The distance is approximately 5.5km and can fine carried by children.

Start of the tour is marked by the main road. From the main road you follow a well-visible path into the woods and up against Sørskottinden. A short distance up the hillside path splits. The trail also marked, but should the unlikely signposted be away, keep to the right. Once you've come over the treeline, the trail along the edge towards a water. Here you can decide when and where you want to get off the trail and head to the top. There is no marked trail for the last bit, but it's still easy to find. Go to the highest point. 

On top you will find a cairn and a stunning view over Norskot, west bay and large areas of Steigen. You can also see Engeløya between skotstindan.

If you proceed past the boulevard along the ridge you reach Nordskottraversen / Lundtraversen. You're not getting the actual traverse without climbing ropes when you have to burp exchangers down a few meters


Type: Hiking, mountaineering, hiking

Length: About. 4.6 km trip / return

Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes +

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grading: easy +

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fits: Children


North Salten



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Height curve and the map shows the trip one way. Overall, the trip is about 4.6 km trip / return.


From FV835 turn to the FV635. Man follows the road until you reach Sørskot, just before you come to Nordskot. On Sørskot there is a long stretch of houses on both sides at the end of the long tensioning. After the last house on the right side is the start of the trail. The start is marked with signs. You can either park here or drive a little further and park at a graveyard on the left side.


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Mountaineering to Sørskottinden of Petter Michael Hovland. Available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license .