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1.  To follow in the footsteps Monsens means you have to take responsibility for yourself. Remember the mountain code. 
2.  Make sure you understand the route to go. 
3.  You are responsible for transportation to and from the trip. Start and finish can be far apart. Take public transportation if possible. 
4.  Bring your own tents and other necessary equipment if you want to stay overnight. The cabins Monsen will visit will be fully booked at the time he is there. 
5.  Allow enough time for the return trip if you do not stay overnight. 
6.  Dress in line with the weather and temperature, and be prepared for changing weather conditions. See our packing list on 
7. Bring enough food and drink for the whole trip. The catering cottages will have limited severingsmuligheter. The unserviced cabins will as usual have no food storage. 
8.  Be prepared to get on TV. Smile for the camera! 
9.  Bring all the rubbish back from your trip, and pick what you might see on the trail. 

10.  It can be crowded on tour with Monsen. If you want to have nature for yourself, we recommend to look for travel tips on


Day 4 and 5 (28-29.juli) Fjærvoll - Lynghaugtinden - Vetten - Steine

Departure at. 11:00, the tours are estimated at approximately 5 hours both days. 

From Fjærvoll (parking at the nursery), the exchange rate against the north edge of Fjærvollfjellet, and then followed back southwards to the summit (161 m). Back to outlying road, exit is via Nøkkbua (Fjærvoll districts) by Nøkktjønna trail east of Black Knausen, until you hit the tractor from Lead. Furthermore southeast of Revelten. Here bends off towards the northeast, where after about 200 height gauges through forests and low vegetation reaches the heath at Cross River. From here follow to the top of Lynghaugtinden (504 m). After descent of the tine, is established tent camp at the foot of the mountain, at around Cross River. There will be activities for all ages throughout the evening. The day after the trail direction south, of Lassan (438 m) to the surface and long Spikarheia. Furthermore, over Heggedalsbruna to Vetten (467 m), named after the Sciences in which kindled here in the old days. 

From Vetten added trip to the southwest, across the green, gently sloping uplands past Geitbergknutran and down to Losjehytta. Take off right before Losjehytta the path westwards and down to Sikan Shooting Range. Dirt road from here to Bøhallen on Steine. Possibility of showering on Bøhallen after completing the tour.

Dog walking:  Dogs are welcome but it is certainly a lead, both on tour and in camp.

Toilet:  If you gotta go where it is not set up toilet, you must bring the paper in return for separate bag. Avoid wipes. 

The use of open fire and storm kitchen:  Camping stove must be used with caution. There will be bonfires on campsites, but there will be limited space around. Campfire outside this is not allowed.

Clay Policy : There will be calm in the camp until 24:00.

Running water:  Study the map before heading out. See tour descriptions on There are water pumps at campsites and all start somewhere. 

Access to food:  It is not possible to trade food for starting places or on campsites. Food must have dealing before the tour starts.

Garbage:  Everyone has to take care of own trash and throw it in containers at camp sites.

Other : In Bo is arranged well, old-fashioned market upon arrival Bøhallen Sunday, 29.07. Here you can buy barbecue, cakes and much more.  


Type: Hiking

Length: About. 15.3 km

Duration: 2 days+

  • Bereg running time for an adult male, in good shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here

grading: demanding+

  • All suggestions on are graded according to the Brand Manual. Read more here


Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hinnøya



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Monsen minute by minute
Top experiencing Vesterålen
Parking on Myre
Transport in Bo
Map - Tour 1: Norway Series Andoy
Map - Tour 2: Norway Series Sortland
Camps Wednesday, 25/07: Steady
Thursday, 7/26: Oppland


Transport Øksnes: 
Note! The road into Nyksund is closed to normal traffic. There is no parking in Nyksund. Therefore, it is set up transport from Myre. Everyone must pay yourself.


Transportation Info to tour participants

Tuesday, 24/07 starting at 17.00 to 23.00: 
Taxi from Myre-Nyksund. See map of parking Myre under "useful links". 
Price £ 150 per person one way. 

Wednesday, 25/07 starting at 08.00- 11.00
Taxi from Myre-Nyksund. Price £ 150 per person one way. 

Shuttle buses from at 08.  
Children under 16 years: 70 kr per person one way. Adults: 130 kr per person one way. 
For those going to Nyksund and also want entry to the Harbor days, prices are respectively 80/150, - 

Thursday, 07/26 starting at 4:00 p.m. to 2:00
Bus from Nyksund Myre. B
arn under 16 years: 70 kr per person one way. Adults: 130 kr per person one way. 

Friday, 07.27 from 07.00
Taxi from Nyksund Myre. Price £ 150 per person one way. All must have left the campsite until 11:00

Transport Bo: 

Parking & Camping
There is limited space for parking on both Guvåg and Fjærvoll. Be good to run together and show respect. We recommend anyone who comes with caravans or camper to avoid running into Guvåg since the road is narrow. It could be chaos if there will be many large vehicles. 

When it is fully at the car parks at Guvåg visitors must park elsewhere and possibly use scheduled buses. Caravans and campers are encouraged to park at Asters, at Bøheimen, at Straume or at one of the many fine campgrounds we have in the village. 

Main Public Parking for walkers:
Asters by Bo Secondary School. Here we recommend everyone to park to go to Breitinden and Guvåg cabin. 
Old Fjærvoll School. Here we recommend everyone to park to go to Lynghaugtinden and Vetten. NB: not motorhomes and caravans. 
Regulation of the way during the period

Please note that there are recce prohibited on Jørlandsveien. Those that are to Guvåg must run Guvåg road. 

There will be no entry in the 3 municipal roads in restricted periods: 
Harbor Road on Guvåg parted with no entry on 25 July - 28 July. No entry does not apply to those who use the road to residential / rental.
Vinje Sjøveien parted-entry before and during the Summer Open 27 - July 29. The time from 20.30 to 22.00. No entry does not apply to those who use the road to residential / rental or who have parking at the boat club. 
Sikanveien parted with no entry Sunday 29 July in the space-time from 13.00 to 16.00 in connection with the Adventure Trail until Monsen with companions have come down. No entry does not apply to those who use the road to housing. 

For more information about bus transportation in Bo, look under "useful links" further up the page. 

Friday, 27/07 Morning
08.00 Steine - 8:15 Straume - 08.30 Asters - 9:00 Guvåg
08.30 Steine - 8:45 Straume - 09.00 Asters - 9:30 Guvåg

Shuttle buses:         
09.30 Asters - 10:00 Guvåg
10:00 Asters - 10:30 Guvåg

Friday, 27/07 Morning
17.00 Guvåg - asters - Straume
18.00 Guvåg - asters - Straume
19.00 Guvåg - asters - Straume

Saturday, 28/07 Morning
08.15 Guvåg - asters - Straume - Fjærvoll
09.15 Guvåg - asters - Straume - Fjærvoll

Sunday, 07.29
Intercity residential Sortland at 16.45 from Steine school at Bøhallen
See here for information on the fixed bus routes to and from Bo
Taxi can be ordered from Bo Taxi: 76137700. 

Ticket prices bus: 
tickets bought in advance with rocker accommodates warranty . Vipps- number 529202                 
Ticket adult one way kr. 75, -
Free for children under 16 years registered in advance with the lashes.                                                                      
You can also buy your ticket as you go on the bus. Price for adult is then $ 100, children are still free. 
Please note that only advance purchase with lashes that guarantees space.


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Monsen minute by minute: Vesterålen (Fjærvoll-Lynghaugtinden-Vette STEINE) of the Norwegian Trekking Association. Available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license .