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"Dronningruta over Fløya" in Steigen. Dronningruta is 10.2 km long and runs over Fløya from Skånland to Holkestad. The name has the trip got after that Queen Sonja have walked there. The trip goes through easy and pleasant terrain with a breathtaking view of Hamarøy, Scotland Fjord, against Småtindan, Nordskott, Vestfjord, Engeløya and Lofoten. 
The highest point is 360 m and the time required approximately 4-5 hours. The trail is well marked and cleared. Suitable for all and used to the outdoor children from 4-5 years and up. 

Dronningruta: Skånland - Holkestad
trail is marked up the road behind the farm, over a fence
and into the woods. There follow post markings until you are up on the back. You see Hamarøy northeast and Engeløya straight north. From there, just follow your back upwards towards the cairn at the highest point. 
In Midnight's vision priceless! The path is mostly easy to find, and by following the back and labeling come well ahead. You have now come a long way down the hillside and glimpsed a little water down the left, the top of Troll Vatna. 
Here it is nice to take a bath. The forest also can be a bit tight, and something
småklyving must on some rocks. In a little one is down in some marshes. From there you rise slightly upward ei li, and is now coming to the last "top" here takes you down to the right.
Good trail, somewhat steep, but not sinister. Down in the little valley it goes slightly upwards again, and then one is right above Holkestad. Now it's just to follow the path well to the right down the rocks until you are down on the beach by a row of boathouses. 

Popular events include North Salten hiking association with the midnight ride around Midsummer times and fullmåne- and midnight sun trips in June and July. Then you see the full moon in the east of Småtindan and midnight sun over the Lofoten Islands in the west. 

Season all year round, but one takes weather, wind and polar into consideration, it is suitable from April through October. 

"One of the most beautiful trips Queen has gone" Queen Sonja
"Beautifully along Dronningruta" NRK Nordland
"Fabulous fjord and mountain scenery" nord-salten.no


Type: Hiking, hike

Length: About. 9.3 km

Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes+

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North Salten



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Run from Bogen in direction Holkestad but take off after about 3
km to the Skånland. In the crossroads of the Skånland, turn left
and drive about 200m. Drive to the sign "Dronningruta» pointing
towards a farm. Here there is parking and a blackboard with a map of the route. 

Upon arrival Holkestad it is okay to have two cars, or agreed pickup. The various Sjøhusene and accommodation places will help with transport, both by car and boat. See links on the municipality's info page.


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Dronningruta over Fløya Paul Fortun. Available under CC BY-NC 4.0 license .