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The trip over svinøy bridge and out the fishing port on Kjeøya passing by a private bury family Berg. It is possible to continue the journey to the end of the pier and view the Fisker Kona and entrance to Svolvær harbor but then increased length of the trip with 1 km. Back to square one via wharf promenade and Svolvær.Duration. 
Man passes galleries, museums, shops and eateries in the center

Opening hours: 0600 - 2400
Entry fee: NOK 20 including IVV-stamp
Prizes: Fabric Brand can be purchased NOK 25
Contact: Karin A. Bohn, Phone + 47 957 04 087

There is 5 and 10km tours. It describes 5km trip:

Turn right out of the shell, diagonally across the square and onto the sidewalk along E10. Cross-E10 in the pedestrian crossing and slant right into Løkthaugveien. You pass Vågan hall and keep left at the end of the road. Turn immediately left into Austnes Fjordgata. 
Soon passed Svolvær Hotel Lofoten (Best Western) on the right hand. Cross the next street (West Fjordgata) and continue straight ahead, up the hill and over svinøy bridge. Looking at the mountains to the left of the bridge you can see the famous Svolvaergeita. You have now reached Svinøya. 
By Vågan Kunstsenter turn right into Gunnar Berg's way, after about 75m it swings left and beyond the island. The red house with tower was the studio of Gunnar Berg. 
After about 300m you will find on the left side of the road see a bust of the artist Gunnar Berg.
(If you take the path to the left you will come to the private tomb belonging to the family Berg. Follow the path and you come out on the road on the other side of the mound) 
Continue around the bend, and after about 50m you find CONTROL 1 (about 1,5km) the post. Here turn track. 
(If the weather is nice it is recommended to proceed further outward toward Cuba (factory buildings) and out on the pier, where Fish Kona stands. In bad weather, however, dangerous to move out on the pier. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES if the weather is bad) 

Go back over svinøy bridge . Take West Fjordgata (first road) to the left towards the center. Left down Skolegata. (When the small park with pavilion has passed.)
Down at the harbor, turn right and pass the road / bridge that goes out to Lamholmen. Where is the restaurant Anker Brygge Rica Hotel. Continue along the quay towards and past eatery Bacalao. Small statue of troubadour Jack Berntsen just before Bacalao. 
By "kaipiren" turn right into the square. You see Lofotposten / Rødsand right and CONTROL 2 (3KM) on the log. 
Cross town square - tilted towards Dress room A / S (fire the lot) and turn left in the street. Cross Roald Amundsen street. After about 10 m on the right - the sign against gallery Dagfinn Bakke - on after about 50m into Rich.Withs street. 
You pass Dagfinn Bakke Gallery on the right hand and continue straight ahead. 
Cross three streets - go past the bowling alley - continue straight - up the hill and to the right in Storøyveien. CONTROL 3 on pylon (about 4km).
In the crossroads turn left, - straight into the walking and biking trail. (Not right in Nonshaugveien). Where the path splits keep right, continue over the pedestrian bridge and straight ahead into Vester Myrveien that after a few meters turn right, - you get Svolvaer school on the left hand. 
In intersection; cross the street diagonally - and into Caroline Harveys way and to aim at SHELL. 

This is Norway's popular mountain walk Association PV-72.

Type: Hiking

Length: About. 4.7 km

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes+

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grading: easy +

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fits: Adult, child, senior, wheelchairs


Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hinnøya



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Norway's popular mountain walk Association - Activities that combines outdoor activities, health and exercise


Address: Caroline Harvey vei 10, 8300 Svolvær (Shell - at E10) 
Parking: At the Shell
Toll: Currently none
To the starting point: By car, bus stops at the starting point, Hurtigruten to Svolvær - go about 1 km to the starting point. With fly to Svolvær Airport Helle - taxi / rental car - 5 km to the starting point.


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