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The trip between Napp and Kilan on Flakstadøy starts from the pier on the button where you already after a quarter passes Hårberget, the first of several abandoned settlements on this turstrekningen. The path continues towards Andopen, and before you get there krysserdu Renn river in a narrow, impressive gorges stretching from far up påfjellet and right down to the sea. In Andopen have several families even been living, and a few of the abandoned houses are well maintained and used somfritidsboliger. A new cabin is also listed on a former house foundation. You can Seresta of stone walls barns and outbuildings have been on. Andopsvannet extends seginnover Budalen, but the trail crosses over the river mouth from the water and take retningmot a bergutheng at the shoreline as you pass. Just before this salvaged parts stienseg,

Nåforlater we Andopen, and come to the passage of Sørdal river. Here's bridge avtømmerstokker and railings of the chain. If you take a look down into the water you will semengder with mussels, since a few years back was tried farming avskjell in pollen inside. Also here on the south side of Sørdalen you see remnants of farms. Now begins an ascent which through a narrow gorge in the end enderopp on a plateau against Ørnheia, then follow a dry riverbed down remains. Here you take a detour to Storbåthallaren Cave, an old Stone Age settlement.

Såbærer the south again, and down towards the sea, you can see Litlbåthellaren after eiartig passage over a ledge and through a short "tunnel". MotStraumøya the trail is gently undulating, slightly up and down slightly, but with a storslagentlandskap by steep mountains on one side and views Skottinden across Nappstraumen. Notice Segelsteinen, a tip small island in the ocean where it's almost always sitting cormorants and other seabirds. You arrive tilVassvikvatnet, a sivtjønn, and here you can take a detour down to Nordsundetmed view to Straumøya, who is also a deserted settlement where tidligereble purchased and produced fish. We also mentions salmon fishing with key way, and it gårenda rumors about the big salmon that were taken here. Back past Vassvik lake bærerdet against Straumøyvatnet who passed on the gravel trail on the mountainside.

Detbærer up the valley past the little water OLKON and we when Kamman. Under ossligger now Kilan and Bøpollen, but before embarking on the last part of the trip downward direction highway, so enjoy views FLAKSTAD two highest peaks, Stortindenog Stjernstad Draw.

Relatively demanding trip, ca. 7 hours, Varde


Type: Hiking, hike

Length: About. 10.8 km

Duration: 1 day +

  • Bereg running time for an adult male, in good shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here

grading: demanding+

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fits: Adult, senior


Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hinnøya



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