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The trip from Nusfjord to Neslandskyrkja south on Flakstadøy takes about two hours one way. This is straightforward family trip, but offers a few challenges along the way.

From Neslandskyrkja follow good path, a bit hilly, to Tenn Holm Vika. Here a family resided at one time, and tufting you house has been left seems yet. The house was taken by the avalanche that followed the river neddalen.

Vedsørenden of the cove comes a steep ascent. Water has washed gravel and rocks downward, and the upper part are roller. Here's the set up chain to keep segfast in. Take special care in this ascent. Well up there downhill until Hessura. Just before ura be passed, are a "hollow" at caution is a detour to the right. This trail is not marked and therefore can be hard to find. The trail through Hessura is good T-marked, but ura consists avbare large stones you must. The passage usually goes fine. In the bay below it happens that you can see harbor seals float on the water surface, and påHessurholman outside there colonies of cormorants.

Next Challenge on the road to Neslandskyrkja is over a flåg that plunges steeply into the fjæra.Stien consists of gravel, so show sense when you pass. Just before arriving in Vedvik, the trail splits into two. The one takes the road above the cove, while the other goes down påstranda and over this. Vedvik often used to excursions from Neslandskyrkja Since, so here it might fit with bonfires and barbecues. Almost reaching the eastern Neslandskyrkja you are greeted by a sign with "Potholes". It is a litenavstikker down towards the sea. Potholes are round, polished hole in the rock fyltmed water. These are formed during the ice age. On the farm in Eastern Neslandskyrkja finnesLofotens only watermill, restored and intact.


Type: Hiking

Length: About. 2.7 km

Duration: 1 day +

  • Bereg running time for an adult male, in good shape, with no breaks. Read more about the timing here

grading: Medium+

  • All suggestions on are graded according to the Brand Manual. Read more here

fits: Adult, child, senior


Lofoten, Vesterålen and Hinnøya



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Taveien past Nusjfjord beyond to Vika, past an abandoned school that now houses Krismer silversmiths, ogvidere until signs marked Neslandskyrkja where the trail starts.


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From Nusfjord to Neslandskyrkja tip of Flakstadøy " of Lofoten Turlag licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 .